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Website Development

We help small businesses and nonprofits grow and improve their businesses.


We Help Businesses Like These:

  • Construction and Remodeling
  • Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC
  • Small farms
  • Suppliers of small-scale agricultural equipment
  • Educational non-profit organizations

A Few of The Things We Do:

  • Simplify the processing and fulfillment of orders in eCommerce stores
  • Build, improve, maintain and support websites
  • Help you develop strategies to grow your business and find more customers
  • Customize eCommerce platforms to better fit your business
  • Develop websites where people can sign up for classes and training

What Makes Us Different?

There are thousands if not millions of web design companies. In Waco, Texas alone, where we are located, there are more than 35 web design companies listed. Any of these companies can build you a website.

So why would you choose us? What makes us different?

The biggest difference that you'll find is that we invest ourselves deeply into learning about your business before we build anything. Having worked in technical fields for 30 years and having built websites for nearly 20 years, I've found that when someone needs something built or brings me a problem to solve, it takes some digging to get to the root. Yet it's only when we get to the root that I can provide a solution that makes a difference for you. So all of our projects begin with digging deeply into understanding your business, your goals and objectives and any obstacles or problems that you face. Only then do we start to move toward a solution.

The second difference is that we don't just build you a website and move on, leaving you to your own resources. In almost every case, the customers we've served, we've continued to serve and support for many years. We become, in a sense, a part of your team, a valued consultant and adviser without the expense of another full-time staff member.

The third difference you'll notice is that we don't work for everyone. While the types of businesses we serve are somewhat varied, we only want to take on new projects where we can make a serious difference. Our fulfillment comes from seeing your business succeed. If you don't stand to profit by working with us, or if it becomes clear that it's simply not going to be a good fit for us to work together, we'll be very upfront about that. We only want to help you if we know we can deliver excellent results.

Our Services Include

Build Websites

Need a website to sell your products and services online?

We develop custom websites – informational websites and online e-Commerce stores.

Improve Websites

Once your website has launched and you begin getting traffic to it, that's when we can measure results and really hone in on ways to improve your site in order to serve both you and your customers better.

Website Content

Are you running out of ideas to write about for your company blog? Already have a website planned, but don't have content written for it?

We plan and write website content.

Problem Solving

Is your website difficult to manage? Is it frustrating and inefficient every time you go to fill an order? Or update inventory? Or make a change to your prices?

We solve a number of website-related problems, particularly for websites that use WordPress and WooCommerce.

We would be more than happy to discuss the problem with you, and if it's a good fit, offer you a solution.

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes you know something needs to change.

But it's not yet clear exactly where to focus first.

We provide strategy sessions to help you identify where to focus first to get the best results.

Who We've Served Recently

  • Claborn Farms
  • Oakley Family Apiairies
  • Texas BCS
  • Virginia Highlands BCS
  • HCS General Contractors
  • The Ploughshare Institute
  • Heritage Forge
  • Homestead Pottery
  • Cafe Homestead
  • Homestead Heritage
  • Homestead Craft Village
  • Homestead Gristmill
  • Homestead Market