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Website Development

We help non-profits and small businesses improve and grow their businesses by building, improving and maintaining eCommerce websites and informational websites and providing other, related services.


Our desire is to help businesses like these:

  • Small farms
  • Suppliers of small-scale agricultural equipment
  • Providers of poultry or other small livestock
  • Suppliers of tools and equipment intended for use on family farms and homesteads
  • Solar energy and off-grid power equipment providers
  • Craftsmen who operation home or small businesses selling and teaching their crafts

A partial list of some of the ways in which we help our customers:

  • Make your website easier for people to find and more useful to them by developing a content strategy
  • Make it easier for you to process and fulfill orders by providing training and improving the backend or administrative part of your website (the management interface)
  • Improve the experience for your customers of interacting with your business online by testing and improving your website

Our Services Include

Build Websites

Need a website to sell your products and services online?

We develop custom websites – informational websites and online e-Commerce stores.

Improve Websites

Once your website has launched and you begin getting traffic to it, that's when we can measure results and really hone in on ways to improve your site in order to serve both you and your customers better.

Website Content

Are you running out of ideas to write about for your company blog? Already have a website planned, but don't have content written for it?

We plan and write website content.

Problem Solving

Is your website difficult to manage? Is it frustrating and inefficient every time you go to fill an order? Or update inventory? Or make a change to your prices?

We solve a number of website-related problems, particularly for websites that use WordPress and WooCommerce.

We would be more than happy to discuss the problem with you, and if it's a good fit, offer you a solution.

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes you know something needs to change.

But it's not yet clear exactly where to focus first.

We provide strategy sessions to help you identify where to focus first to get the best results.

Who We've Served Recently

  • Claborn Farms
  • Oakley Family Apiairies
  • Texas BCS
  • Virginia Highlands BCS
  • The Ploughshare Institute
  • Heritage Forge
  • Homestead Pottery
  • Cafe Homestead
  • Homestead Heritage
  • Homestead Craft Village
  • Homestead Gristmill
  • Homestead Market