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Case Studies & Portfolio of Recent Work

A Central Texas POULTRY FARM

Claborn Farms

I worked with the business owner to provide the following solutions:

  • Shipping Cost Calculations - developed an extension to the customer's eCommerce store to automatically calculate shipping and handling costs based on complex, client-supplied packaging rules.
  • Inventory - made it simpler and faster to edit product inventory
  • Automated Reports - saved the client hours each month by automatically generating reports that the client is required to file due to governmental regulations on the shipping of live poultry.
  • Increased Sales -  doubled the client's online sales within a 12-month period by making improvements to the website and website content.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
Claborn Farms Website
Beekeeping Class
Beekeeping Supplies and Classes

Oakley Family Apiaries

I provided the following services:

  • e-Commerce Store - Built an e-Commerce store to sell bees and beekeeping products and to provide a way for students to register for classes and monthly mentoring workshops
  • Ongoing Content Strategy - provide the client with actional advice and information to help him write content and articles for his website
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support


Classes and workshops for sustainable living


I worked with a small team to provide the following solutions:

  • Register Online for Classes - developed an e-Commerce store which allows students to register online for classes throughout the year
  • Class Administration - provided a way to add new classes and manage student enrollments
  • Student Communications - provided a way to send a series of personalized emails to students that are specific to any particular class so that students know what to bring and how to prepare for classes
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support


Black Australorp Breeder
Breeding and Raising Chickens


  • Articles and Other Resources - provide information to people who want to learn to raise chickens more sustainably