Case Studies & Portfolio of Recent Work

Vacation Rental Company

Provide the following services in addition to ongoing website maintenance and support:

  • Guesty API Integration — Integrated the existing VillaStay website with Guesty's API in order to import vacation rental listings. (Guesty is a full-featured, end-to-end solution provider for short-term rentals).
  • Update and Import Listings — Built custom software to easily and quickly import and update listings.
  • Availability-based Search Feature — Developed a search feature to show listings that match the dates when customers are wanting to book a stay.
  • Digital Marketing — Develop and run online advertising campaigns.
  • Landing Page Design — Build landing pages to support digital marketing campaigns.


VillaStay Listings
Homestead Gristmill Website
Stone-ground Gristmill Products

Homestead Gristmill

sIn addition to providing ongoing support and website maintenance, I did the following:

  • Mobile-responsive Website - Built a website that displays well on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Online Store - As part of the Gristmill website, we initially built an online, e-Commerce store that integrates with Amazon, allowing customers to view products and product information and then make purchases through Amazon.
  • Shopify Store Integration - Later, the customer built a store on Shopify, and we integrated the Shopify store with the website, making it accessible from the website.
  • Recipes - Added a customized display of recipes that use gristmill products. In addition to ingredients lists and cooking instructions, the recipes link directly to the related products that the Gristmill offers.
  • Ongoing Content Strategy - We provided the client with actional advice and information to help him write the content needed for his website, including product descriptions, "About page" and other informational pages.


A Central Texas POULTRY FARM

Claborn Farms

In addition to providing ongoing support to Claborn Farms and maintenance of the website, I have provided the following services:

  • mobile-responsive website and integrated eCommerce Store - built a mobile responsive website to provide customers with information about the company, their products and services and built an eCommerce store so the company could sell its products (live poultry) online.
  • on-site events - added an online form where customers can sign up for on-site events, such as farm tours and workshops.
  • Shipping Cost Calculations - developed an extension to the customer's eCommerce store to automatically calculate shipping and handling costs based on complex, client-supplied packaging rules.
  • Inventory - made it simpler and faster to edit product inventory
  • Automated Reports - saved the client hours each month by automatically generating reports that the client is required to file due to governmental regulations on the shipping of live poultry.
  • Increased Sales -  doubled the client's online sales within a 12-month period by making improvements to the website and website content.


Claborn Farms Website
Claborn Farms Website
Beekeeping Class
Beekeeping Supplies and Classes

Oakley Family Apiaries

I've provided the following services:

  • e-Commerce Store - Built an e-Commerce store to sell bees and beekeeping products and to provide a way for students to register for classes and monthly mentoring workshops
  • Ongoing Consulting - provide the client with actionable advice and information to help him write content and articles for his website, along with other types of business planning and support.
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support


Classes and workshops for sustainable living


I worked with a small team to provide the following solutions:

  • Register Online for Classes - developed an e-Commerce store which allows students to register online for classes throughout the year
  • Class Administration - provided a way to add new classes and manage student enrollments
  • Student Communications - provided a way to send a series of personalized emails to students that are specific to any particular class so that students know what to bring and how to prepare for classes
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support


Black Australorp Breeder
Breeding and Raising Chickens


Farmstead Chickens is a website I developed to provide information to people who want to learn to raise chickens more sustainably.

I've written and published a number of articles on it, based largely on poultry classes and seminars that I teach or help teach throughout the year.

Despite it being a fairly small and new website, it averages hundreds of visitors per month from people in the U.S. and around the world.