Website Content Services

If you're a web designer or developer, you know that it can be difficult getting content from clients.

You're working on the website, trying to get it ready to launch, and the client doesn't give you the key pieces of information that you need. Maybe it's content for an "About" page, a mission statement, or an in-depth article that builds authority and trust with prospective customers.

Whatever it is, your client may have all the knowledge that's needed to write it. In fact, he may be the only person with the depth of knowledge about his business and industry to write it.

But he won't.

Either he doesn't have the time, he's not a skilled writer, or maybe he simply doesn't enjoy writing. For whatever reason, it's next to impossible to get what you need from him, and it's delaying your projects.

Not just once, but again and again. Multiple projects with multiple clients.

I've run into difficulties like these myself when designing websites and getting content for printed publications. As I've wrestled through this a number of times, I've come up with a process that works. An approach that makes things much simpler for the client. So simple, that it becomes ridiculous for them not to give you what you need.

The catch, though, is that breaking it down into bite-sized pieces of work for the client, it makes a little more work from you, both before and after.

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