Digital Marketing

There are many different ways to promote things, and it's critical to find an approach that will work well for your business.

While it's possible to learn from other businesses and even your competitors, rarely will you achieve good results by blindly emulating what appears to be working for them.

Some types of marketing, like paid ads, are very effective at bringing new people into contact with your business. Yet that is only part of the picture. Advertising needs to be well-integrated with other aspects of your marketing efforts and your business in order to be effective.

Sometimes businesses need a "quick fix." For example, they have 1,205 units in stock of something perishable that's not selling, and they've got to sell them all right away. I will be very straightforward with you – I've never had very good results with quick fixes.

Often, but not always, problems that need quick fixes are symptoms of deeper issues. Often they preventable by having the right things in place. My best results tend to be with businesses that are willing and able to make changes and to focus more on long term solutions and practices than on "putting out fires."

Below, I've outlined a few types of marketing that we use at times, depending on the types of businesses that we are serving.

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A quick fix is seldom sufficient
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Advertising online with Google Ads, Facebook ads and others can be an effective way to bring people into contact with your business, if it is done well.

There are a number of considerations that determine whether it will be effective for your business.

To be effective, paid advertising needs to be well integrated with your website and other aspects of your marketing effort.

Taco store ad

Email Marketing

Email marketing that is done well can be very effective at growing and sustaining your business.

One of the keys is empathy. Delivering content that matters not just to your business, but to your email subscribers. Unfortunately, most email marketing is done with little empathy toward customers.

Email marketing

Social Media

Social media can benefit your business by providing another avenue through which customers come into contact with and interact with your business.

On the other hand, it can also be a complete waste of time.

What determines whether or not it will be effective for you depends on what type of business you have and other factors.

As with email marketing and paid advertising, one key for making effective use of social media is to have an overall strategy and plan in which all aspects of your marketing work together.

Social Media


There are several main elements which form the core of a comprehensive marketing strategy, one of which is content.

Content plays an essential role on your website, in communications with customers, in networking, email marketing, social media marketing and paid advertising.

Effective use of content can bring people into contact with your business, show them what problems you are able to solve for them, express your core values, and ultimately help them assess whether or not to do business with you.

Content, although often thought of as written, can also other formats, such as photos, video or audio.

Writing content