Ready to Work Together?

The points below are essential for successful project completion. Please read over them to make sure you agree before you apply to start the project.


Before I can help with your project, you need to be clear on your goals and objectives. To know when we've truly made a difference, we'll need to know exactly what it is that you're wanting to improve. If you need help clarifying and honing in on your goals, contact us to schedule a discovery session.


To make a difference, I'll be asking a lot of questions. I'll need a crystal clear picture of where you are now with your business, the difficulties and obstacles you face, and where you're trying to go with it in order to help you get there.

I can't take on every project, so I only work on projects where I can make a difference. If I determine that I can't really help you, I'll let you know right away before we get started.


A project that makes a difference is going to require an investment from you. I won't cut corners. If I determine that I can't build the project within your budget, I'll let you know right away.

But if you're able to invest what's needed, and if we determine that working together is a good fit, I'll build you something that brings the results you are looking for.


To accomplish your project, we'll need to work together. You'll need to be available to answer questions, discuss things and review prototypes, for example. I'll need access to you or your team to gather any information needed for the project in a timely manner. Expect to dedicate time each week during certain phases of the development of this project.

If you or your team don't have the time to commit to this project right now, then we need to postpone working together until you do.