Our Website Design Process

This is the process that we follow for most website design projects. We customize the process for other types of projects.


I'll begin by asking you a number of questions in order to understand your reasons for this project and what it is that you're trying to accomplish.

The questions can get a little difficult or even uncomfortable at times, but this is what it takes to get us onto a solid foundation that we can build on.


Before diving into the design, we research your intended market and competitors. This helps us identify what's needed to make your website stand out and succeed in the marketplace with your intended audience.

Visual Sitemap

Once I have everything needed from you, I'll build a visual map of the site. This will make it clear what needs to be included and how we should structure things.

The Prototype

Next, I'll build an interactive prototype that shows you how my planned solution will work. It won't be beautiful at this point because we won't have focused on the visual design yet. But it will give both you and us a model to work from that's far better and more useful than a written spec.

The Design

The design stage is exciting because it's here that your project comes to life in vivid detail. We'll use colors, graphics and written content to build your project on our pre-launch staging area.


When the design is complete, we will work behind the scenes to prepare you site for launch. We'll do all the pre-launch work and final checks that are needed to make your website live and viewable by the public on your chosen hosting platform.