Links in a chain

Relevant, high-quality backlinks are one of several key elements that you need in order to rank on Google. Not everything you write is going to bring backlinks. Some types of content are much more likely to get links than others.

What are backlinks? In short, they are links from other web sites to one or more pages on your website.

Here are a few useful resources on the topic of what types of content to produce in order to get links:

5 Types of Content that Draws Backlinks Like Flies by Anna Johansson (

Discusses writing articles that contain a lot of facts, infographics, list articles (listicles), controversial articles, and definitive (ultimate) guides.

9 Types of Content that Attract the Most Backlinks (

Discusses use of list posts, definitive guides, infographics, case studies based on an article from an influencer in your niche, articles that present a lot of data or statistics, and several others.

5 Types of Content that Naturally Attract Links: Insights from 628 Advanced SEOs (

Suggests infographics, white papers, data based on research, webinars and videos

Top 5 Types of Content that Get the Most Backlinks by Andre Oentoro (

Recommends statistics, ultimate guides, tools, case studies and infographics