For many small businesses, a well-designed, well-maintained website is an important investment.

The website acts as the hub, or center, of your online activity.

Your website can also provide a variety of useful services to existing customers, notifying them of changes, temporary closures, new products and services and much more.

Among other things, we:

  • Design and build informational and e-commerce websites for small businesses,
  • Customize and improve websites, and
  • Maintain websites


By itself, no matter how well designed and implemented it is, a small business website is unlikely to meet business marketing goals. It is only part of the marketing puzzle. Additional marketing elements are needed to bring prospective customers to the website  (in other words, for traffic generation) and to provide followup communications, particucularly with website visitors that aren't yet ready to become customers.

We often provide additional marketing services that work together with the website to provide a more complete small business marketing solution.

e-Commerce Websites

An e-Commerce website is an online store. It allows people to purchase products, and/or services online, directly from your website.

If you are planning to build an online store and need help with it, please let us know.

Informational Websites

Informational websites differ from e-Commerce websites in that they don't have an online store. In other words, there isn't a way to purchase products and services from them.

Instead, they provide useful information to customers and prospective customers.

An informational website can also provide the starting point for various forms of followup communication with website visitors. Some examples include: email newsletters, email nurture sequences, and online chat.

Website Maintenance

Your website is an important part of your business and oftentimes a significant investment. It's important to keep it up to date, both in terms of the messages and information that it conveys, but also the underlying software.

The biggest security holes that lead to websites being hacked often result from website software not being kept up to date.

We use a systematic approach to maintaining websites to make sure they are frequently updated and tested after each update. Testing is essential because updates to websites can occasionally result in unexpected problems and errors.

We mainly maintain websites that we have built, but occasionally we will take on maintenance of a website built by another web developer.

Website Development

In addition to informational and e-Commerce features, websites sometimes require additional features.

A few examples of web development and integration projects that we have done in the past are:

  • Integration with a rental property management service's API
  • Add administrative features needed for managing class registrations
  • Integrate custom email followup sequences into a website
  • Perform complex but more accurate shipping cost calculations
  • Interface with project bid management software
  • Display information in interesting and useful ways